Yamamay presents the 2019 summer collection at the new Flagship Store in Milan

Yamamay launches their brand-new Flagship Store at Via Cordusio, Milan, with elegance and cutting-edge technology – presenting the 2019 Summer Collection in a sparkling holographic show.

Yamamay’s journey to the most beautiful beaches of the World continues with their ‘Save the Ocean’ campaign, aiming at protecting Sea life and marine environment. The 2019 Summer Collection presents solutions made with materials derived from plastic recycling.

Holographic models parade in their summer outfits, only to vanish in the Sea in front of astonished Yamamay customers.

A unique experience – a Selfie at an exclusive location on the beach – simply incredible!

A dynamic, colourful, magical and highly technological show created with the use of the EyeMagic technology, harmoniously integrated within the elegant architecture of Yamamay’s new flagship store.


  • Production: Studio Tangram
  • Post-Production: Studio Tangram & MDH Hologram
  • Installation: Studio Tangram
  • Operation & Logistics: Studio Tangram & MDH Hologram