3D Hologram Production

3D holograms are widely used in the world of entertainment, culture and communication. They are utilised to recreate fantastic situations, making an event unforgettable while gifting the audience with a unique experience. 3D holograms are indeed often used in museums, business conventions, shows, and advertising campaigns.

In order to create holograms that are unique and perfectly tailored to specific occasions, it is essential to have a team of experienced creatives, technicians and designers. With Studio Tangram, technology and expertise are at your disposal. We have taken part in many different projects, including corporate branding, art exhibitions, sports and political events.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery and holographic technologies, we produce 3D holograms to meet any demands.

We offer: temporary holographic set-ups, Holographic Theatres – IceMagic, holographic films, Digital Resurrection , Telepresence – IceNet and consultancy in order to find the best solutions for you.
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Holographic Products

The visualisation of 3D holograms requires specific machinery and technologies that transform the interaction between audience and three-dimensional images into a magical and ultrarealistic experience.

Studio Tangram has researched and developed different tools in order to improve its offer of holographic products and technologies, for anyone deciding to opt for the magic of holograms. Our advanced devices allow us to work in different settings, such as fairs and showrooms, as well as to create bespoke projects for corporates, brands and artists.

Here are the technologies we have devised and that we apply on a daily basis: the Holographic Theatre – IceMagic , EyeMagic , the Small Holographic Theatre – IceMiniMagic , the Holographic Pyramids .

Digital resurrection

Digital Resurrection is a system that enables us to bring late icons back to life. Through hyper-detailed holographic movies and images, we create holograms of celebrities that faithfully reproduce their features and movements.

Digital Resurrection is a one-of-a-kind holographic show that entails ultrarealistic images – an ultimate entertainment experience, this technology is bound to leave your audience speechless.

Two of several Digital Resurrection projects that Studio Tangram has curated are the holographic performances of rapper Tupac Shakur at Coachella Festival in 2012, and of Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng at Hangzhou Theatre (China) in 2018.

Telepresence – IceNet

Telepresence – IceNet is probably the most exclusive holographic product designed by Studio Tangram. This ground-breaking technology enables artists, celebrities and public figures to be in different locations simultaneously, as well as to communicate and interact directly with an audience even if miles away. Thanks to our technologies, such as the Holographic Theatre – IceMagic and a simple Internet connection, we are able to create holographic shows for sports, political or corporate events. Telepresence is the connecting link between 3D holograms and public communication – a revolutionary combination that defies natural laws and takes us into the future.