Holographic Products

Our skilled and experienced team have developed a wide array of holographic products. In this way, we are able to take the technology of 3D holograms to any context and to enhance communication strategies, as well public or private events.

Thanks to our cutting-edge technologies, we are able to create and recreate holographic images and films indoor, such as for museums, showrooms and fairs, and outdoor, as in the case of corporate and public events.

Studio Tangram offers several solutions: to project recorded content, to combine real characters with 3D holograms, and to organise Telepresence – IceNet events.

With the Holographic Theatre – IceMagic, the Small Holographic Theatres – IceMiniMagic, the Holographic Pyramids and the EyeMagic system, you have various solutions to choose from when looking to strengthen your communication strategy and entertainment results.

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Holographic Theatre – IceMagic

The Holographic Theatre – IceMagic is the core of Studio Tangram’s technology. This system combines optical illusions, mainly the so-called Pepper’s Ghost, and modern holographic technologies.

The Holographic Theatre – IceMagic uses lights and special effects to create the impression of three-dimensional and interactive figures. This system can easily fit in any location and is available in different formats – it is ideal for both temporary holographic shows and permanent exhibitions in museums or displays.

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EyeMagic is a compact holographic showcase that is very easy to install, carry and use. These features make it suitable for pretty much any location – it is the perfect solution for shop windows, showrooms, and both dark and bright environments.

Inside the EyeMagic system, we can show personalised holographic films that will surely captivate the audience.

EyeMagic guarantees unique visual effects in high resolution.

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Small Holographic Theatres – IceMiniMagic

Studio Tangram’s Small Holographic Theatres – IceMiniMagic allow you to produce 3D holograms at an affordable price. These showcases are versatile solutions, ideal for showing three-dimensional holographic films – an effective way to entertain and mesmerise anyone who passes by these Small Holographic Theatres.

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Holographic pyramids

Holographic Pyramids are the perfect solution for shop windows, showrooms and retail points. They are compact holographic products that feature a specific design conceived to promote brands and goods.

Holographic Pyramids have become increasingly popular as they easily capture the attention of customers and stimulate their interaction.

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Special holographic projects

Studio Tangram creates exclusive, special holographic projects tailored to your requests. We are ready to help you step by step in: installations, holographic events , bespoke solutions.

During his electoral campaign, the current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi used our Telepresence for his assemblies. With the help of our technology, he managed to deliver public speeches in 154 different locations all across India.

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