Would you like to know how we created Tupac Shakur’s 3D hologram that astonished the Coachella Festival in 2012?

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Studio Tangram is a leading company for holography and visual communication. Firstly, we value research and we are committed to stay up-to-date on the most advanced technologies, to find innovative solutions for 3D hologram creation, to develop new holographic tools and to extend our offer. Secondly, we collaborate with well-known international communication agencies and we take part in the design and organisation of holographic events.

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The History of Special Effects During Live Shows

The world of entertainment has always sought new ways of impressing and engaging the public. Since the Ancient Theatre times, special effects have always played an essential part in a show. Over the centuries, these effects have constantly evolved, becoming more and more realistic – as we can see today with holograms. Entertainment is based…

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3D Holograms in Politics

3D holograms are ideal for the world of entertainment, but can be applied to any field – from business (i.e. corporate presentations and events) to politics.

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