To be able to capture the audience’s attention and share a message or the values of a brand, it is essential to communicate well, efficiently and in an original way.

Here at Studio Tangram, based in Mariano Comense (Como), we offer personalised communication plans and innovative strategies using 3D holograms.

Our holographic technologies and tools break the boundaries of time and space; they allow us to create fantasy characters, as well as recreate both current and past situations.

Thanks to our skilled and dedicated team , we are able to provide effective, unconventional solutions, perfectly tailored to events, museums and shows.

Thanks to our holograms, we can make the most
ambitious projects come true. CONTACT US

Our Services

We are a team of dedicated people working for the future of communication: our passion, curiosity, research, development and enhancement of human resources are our strengths.


We produce 3D holograms for business events, museums, shows and advertising campaigns. Our magical experiences are sure to entertain and captivate the audience.


Here at Studio Tangram we take pride in our holographic events. We create personalised and ultrarealistic 3D holograms, and we produce holographic films for business conferences, fairs, shows, sports and cultural events.


Studio Tangram, based in Mariano Comense (Como), provides a professional photographic studio with a posing room. We offer shooting services for catalogues, flyers, websites, marketing materials and visual campaigns.


For more than 40 years, we have been on the forefront of professional printing and visual communication solutions. We offer a wide range of services tailored to your company’s needs, in order to create a unique and distinctive brand identity.


We are a team of experts who have been working in the visual communication industry for more than 40 years. We are specialised in 3D hologram production, photography and graphic arts – everything you will need for a winning communication strategy.

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