Telepresence – IceNet

Telepresence – IceNet is a holographic innovation that changes the perception of what is possible and what is impossible: you can now be in more than one place at the same time.

Here at Studio Tangram, we are able to offer this incredible service thanks to our state-of-the-art technology. Our Holographic Theatre – IceMagic allows us to capture the live movements of an individual while sending the acquired data to remotely linked hardware, thus creating a 3D holographic projection.

Telepresence – IceNet is the ultimate solution for the world of communication and entertainment. This holographic projection technology is widely used for electoral campaigns, theatre performances, corporate events, press conferences, and other situations where it is essential to capture the audience’s attention.

The technology behind the Holographic Telepresence was used in the electoral campaign of the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi . During his long electoral tour, his speeches were simultaneously broadcasted all around the country through 3D holographic projection. In doing so, he could reach a much wider audience, even in the outermost regions.

To deliver this ambitious project, Studio Tangram collaborated with a highly-qualified international team.

This holographic projection experience allowed us to expand our knowledge and perfect our technologies.

Today, we are able to create holographic events and shows that involve live broadcasting of 3D holograms.

Telepresence – IceNet is a holographic product designed for those who want to innovate their way of communicating and entertaining the audience.

Telepresence (IceNet) was used for the long electoral tour of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose speeches were simultaneously broadcasted all around the country. This was an exclusive project designed by our Studio and a highly skilled team. Today, we are able to create holographic events and shows for any need by using realistic images broadcasted simultaneously in theatres, stadiums, conventions and even outdoor locations. Telepresence (IceNet) is perfect for those who are looking for an effective and revolutionary way of communicating which will entertain and charm the audience.

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Holographic Shows

With our 3D holographic projection system, we are not only committed to deliver great and innovative technological experiences – we are also devoted to make a difference for the environment.

Frequent travels entail both significant expenses and high fuel emissions. With the use of 3D holograms and Telepresence – IceNet you can reduce these costs and contribute to the protection of the environment.

We are ready to turn your ideas into reality and to achieve the most ambitious projects.

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