Studio Tangram: Holographic Production

Studio Tangram was founded in Mariano Comense (Como) as a company specialising in visual communication services. Throughout the years, we have implemented a wide range of options specifically tailored to corporates, museums, sports and cultural events, and show business. We have particularly focused on the production of 3D holograms.

Today, Studio Tangram creates exclusive products such as Small Holographic Theatres and Holographic Theatres – IceMagic . We retain an impressive technical know-how that allows us to satisfy the most elaborate requests.

We are constantly upgrading our holographic technologies and techniques: Digital Resurrection , Telepresence – IceNet and 3D holograms . These are only some of the holographic products we offer – perfect for exhibitions, events and so much more.

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Holography Experts

Studio Tangram’s success stems from the collaboration of highly qualified experts: photographers, art directors, videomakers, marketers and graphic designers. Our talented and experienced team will listen to your ideas and suggest solutions tailored to your needs.

Thanks to the most advanced technologies, equipment and software, we excel in the creation of holograms. Studio Tangram is able to create holographic events from scratch, taking care of both the design and the production of holographic images.

Every project is meticulously prepared to deliver an exceptional and immersive holographic product, unforgettable for the spectator.

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Studio Tangram: Visual Communication at 360°

Nowadays, communication is a crucial aspect for businesses and celebrities.

With a team of experts in different fields, such as graphic arts and photography , we develop bespoke projects that involve promotion, planning and marketing.

Studio Tangram offers a full package service, from printing of promotional materials – posters, flyers, brochures – to customised holograms, from shooting pictures to creating catalogues and corporate images.

Bespoke holograms are surely one of the most exciting solutions we suggest to our clients who are looking for a complete communication service.

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Holographic Projects and Events

Studio Tangram is a leading company, both in Italy and abroad, for the design and production of holographic events and shows. Thanks to the most advanced technologies, we are able to create any type of holograms – no matter the scale, they will be meticulously prepared, interactive and mesmerising.

Our holographic events are conceived for the show business, as well as for corporate communications, arts and sports. Thanks to special effects and sharp images, our holographic shows will entertain the viewer and provide a fully immersive and unforgettable experience.

3D holograms and their captivating effects have recently grown popular also in politics. Studio Tangram has taken part in several political projects and the results have been outstanding.

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