Forum Retail - Milan, 29th - 30th October 2019

What ever the message you want to deliver, holograms present you with a solution to engage your customer, to renew your in-store experience – forming part of your strategic communication plan.

More than 3000 visitors and 1000 retailer joined the fair and experienced the power and the power of engagement with holographic communication.

For the event, we created a Special Edition of the EyeMagic – designed for retail, visible in a bright lighting environment, suitable for small spaces, customized for the stage of the event.

The audience was left captivated, amazed and impressed by the impact of the hologram.


  • Production: Studio Tangram
  • Post-Production: Studio Tangram & MDH Hologram
  • Installation: Studio Tangram
  • Operations & Logistics: Studio Tangram