Giacomo Puccini, Andrea Bocelli and his wife Veronica in an open dialog thanks to the magic of the hologram technology at the International Robotics Festival of Pisa

An unseen show between virtual and real on the stage of the Teatro Verdi

Thanks to the Studio Tangram and MDH Hologram technology, music, performers and authors have challenged the passing of time by creating a highly evocative show

An unseen show with music, cutting edge technology and a bit of magic, the one that went on stage at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa during the final evening of the 2nd Festival of Robotics. The event was made possible thanks to the high-end holograms of Giacomo Puccini, Andrea Bocelli and his wife Veronica conceived by Studio Tangram and MDH Hologram, two Italian-run companies leader on an international scale in the production of 3D holograms and the planning of holographic events.

The famous Tuscan composer ­– author of a remarkable body of work such as La Bohème or La Tosca – appeared on stage in his holographic form and interacted with Andrea Bocelli and his wife Veronica in a performance never seen before. The boundaries between virtual and real were broken, surprising the audience great emotions.

During the course of the evening Puccini disappeared and reappeared multiple times as an Avatar designed with the most cutting edge holographic technology, animation, 3D graphics and motion capture by Studio Tangram, MDH Hologram and the 3D Academy.

The highlight of the evening was when Andrea Bocelli ­– after appearing on stage with his wife Veronica as a hologram and improvising a vocalism under request of Puccini himself – was suddenly asked to stop by Andrea and Veronica in the flesh. Both the real and the virtual couple claimed their own authenticity with playful banter, but one of the two disappeared leaving the scene to the real Andrea Bocelli who stays on stage singing with Puccini’s avatar playing in real time.


  • Storyboard: Renato Raimo
  • Production: Studio Tangram & MDH Hologram
  • Animation: Studio Tangram & MDH Hologram
  • Installation: Studio Tangram & MDH Hologram
  • Operation & Logistics: Studio Tangram & MDH Hologram