Digital resurrection

The technology at the base of 3D holograms allows us to overcome barriers that only a few years ago seemed insurmountable: thanks to holograms, we can now bring late music stars and celebrities back to life.

With our extraordinary technology called Digital Resurrection, you can bring sports celebrities, music stars and political icons back for special occasions.

Studio Tangram’s team of skilled technicians and designers is able to accurately recreate the features and movements of late characters.

Our 3D hologram, designed with care to every single detail, is shown into a Holographic Theatre – IceMagic that, through visual and light effects, recreates the appearance on stage.

Digital Resurrection is one of the most innovative among our holographic techniques and is particularly suitable for the show business.

Below you can find some of our Digital Resurrection projects.

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Holographic Show: ‘Teresa Teng – The Legend’

One of our Digital Resurrection projects, conducted in collaboration with MDH Hologram, Digital Domain and Prism Entertainment, is the holographic performance ‘Teresa Teng – The Legend’, launched in August 2018 at Redstar Theatre in Hangzhou (China).

Teresa Teng, the acclaimed Taiwanese singer and actress who died in 1995 at the age of 42, was brought back to life thanks to our 3D hologram technology.

The set-up was outstanding for its size and technologically-advanced equipment. Studio Tangram, together with MDH, provided a complex Holographic Theatre structure with 3 stages that hosted an incredible holographic show of more than one hour; Teresa Teng performed her most famous songs, while 3D dancers and special visual effects made it even more memorable.

Thanks to our holographic technologies, we created an unforgettable show that featured hyper realistic characters and exceptional visual effects.

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3D Holographic Event: Tupac Shakur

Another exclusive show produced using the Digital Resurrection technology took place in 2012 at Coachella Festival, where late legendary rapper Tupac Shakur’s hologram appeared on stage.

Digital Domain designed the event, while Studio Tangram provided a Holographic Theatre – IceMagic previously developed within our studio.

Our holographic technologies enabled other artists to interact with Tupac Shakur, offering a truly incredible moment of magic for the people on stage as well as for the audience.

The show was simply revolutionary – the combination of live performances by Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent, with holographic videos featuring Tupac Shakur, completely amazed the countless festivalgoers.

The use of 3D holograms in motion ensured the success of this event. A video clip of the performance soon went viral and amassed 15 million views in 48 hours on YouTube.

This show is often seen as a turning point in the world of entertainment, where nowadays the audience demands more and more innovation, and holographic technologies appear to be the winning move.

Projects of this extent, especially those involving 3D holograms in motion, require accurate planning and rigorous design.

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